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Soft tissue conditions (muscles, ligaments and tendons)

Acute strains and repetitive strains, sprains, tendonitis, instability, bursitis, weakness, atrophy, muscle spasm or scar tissue swelling and haematomas.

Skeletal conditions

Disc or spinal problems; fractures (including surgically repaired), post-surgical hip excisions (athroplasty), limb amputations, cruciate repairs and surgically fused joints (arthrodesis);  acute or chronic degenerative joint disease eg hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

Neurological conditions

Haemorrhages leading to spinal strokes (FCE); peripheral nerve damage; intervertibral disc disease (IVDD); spinal cysts; head trauma leading to hemiplegia; chronic degenerative radiculomylopathy (DRM); paralysis due to other causes.


Performance problems - in canine and equine athletes


Respiratory conditions - bacteriological, viral, aspiration pneumonias


Wounds - post-surgical, car accidents, cuts, dog bites, etc


Weight loss management

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