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Launched soon after the start of the Covid epidemic, my online consults have now become a convenient and valuable support to owners and their pets requiring access to veterinary physiotherapy advice and information from home. Whilst not a substitute for hands on assessment and manual treatment (which is usually required at some stage of recovery after injury or surgery), an initial video consultation in the early stages of your pet’s recovery can be very useful as a precursor to later treatment or even as a check-up appointment.

Apart from hands on, manual therapies, a veterinary physiotherapist’s job is just as much about teaching owners how to best assist their pet’s recovery through correctly applied exercises at home to achieve best outcomes.

These online sessions are particularly useful to provide advice for owners of pets with mobility issues (eg arthritis), for elderly pets, or when you simply cannot get to a practitioner for help.


What’s included?

  • A visual assessment of your pet - movement, posture, muscle mass symmetry, etc

  • Early post-op or injury advice

  • Home management guidance, including

    • Advice on the type and frequency of exercises, walking routine, etc

    • Any recommended home environment modifications​, pet lifestyle changes, etc

  • Addressing any queries you may have

  • We will also discuss the possibility of follow-up sessions if needed, either online or in person, based on what is best for you and your pet

  • Access to easy-to-follow online video pet exercises - play the video below to see an example exercise


Benefits / Convenience

  • For the consultation, all you will need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone … and your pet nearby

  • You will be given easy to follow instructions on how to link up online for your appointment

  • Advice readily available and no need to travel – if you cannot take time off work, are unable to travel (due to the pandemic and shielding requirements), illness, lack of transport, or difficulties in getting your pet into a car, etc

  • If your pet is nervous and does not settle in new environments, has special behaviour needs, may be wary of vets, strangers, being handled, etc

  • Your pet can be settled and relaxed in their own environment, either in the garden and/or inside the home.

  • If you are in a remote area or there are no local veterinary physiotherapy facilities near you


How to book

Click here to email me, or call 07983514968

A form will be supplied for you to first obtain the required veterinary consent for physiotherapy


Cost: £50 for a 45-minute consultation, including access to a set of instructional video clips​

Square Sit to Stand

Square Sit to Stand

Play Video
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